Slow down (3)

Lamentations 1:12 NLT

A few years ago, The Washington Post conducted a social experiment. They asked world-famous violinist Joshua Bell to try busking at a busy metro station in Washington D.C., set up a camera to record the whole thing, and then waited to see what would happen.

As Bell started playing, he was mostly ignored. After about three minutes, a man slowed down briefly, but then hurried away. Another man stopped to listen for a few minutes before carrying on with his day. Every child who walked past tried to stop and listen, but each time, their parents hurried them along. During the 43 minutes that Bell was playing, 1,097 people passed him, but only seven stopped to listen, and only one person actually recognised who he was.

In our relationship with God, we can sometimes be like the passers-by in the experiment: 1) We can rush through our busy lives and neglect our time spent listening to God. Most people didn’t take even a moment to stop and listen to the beautiful music being played that morning. Our days might be packed with things to do, but it’s important to stop for God, and listen to what He has to say to us.

2) We can miss hearing from God because He’s not speaking to us in the way we expect. Nobody expected to hear one of the world’s best musicians busking in a station. If we have a fixed idea of when, where, or how God will speak to us, we might overlook other times when He’s tried to get our attention. So let’s ensure we take time to stop and listen out for God’s voice, whatever is going on around us and in our lives.

2 Chr 35-36; 2 John; John 14:26-15:4; Ps 146; Prov 28:9-12